Through this workshop, one will learn : 
DNA Reprograming is a technique by which problems in our present lives can be solved and relationships healed by taking these issues back to their source (past) and healing the past.
By ancestors (parents) with prosphrous their failures, difficulties, diseases may transfer through birth and death cycle, by this program just heal all the good qualities of the ancestors.
How to change negative patterns, fears, unwanted negative desires, failures, events in their own lives or those of their children, spouse or parents (whether alive or dead)
To heal the birth of one's karma
To heal accidents and death/s in the family
To heal marriages, relationships and finance of the family
Much of life is composed of unfilled, disharmonious and incomplete thoughts, aspirations, emotions and ambitions. Such disharmonious energy fields of the past generate problems in the present.
Every desire, every fear, every judgement can be transformed into light and love.
This is the secret of past healing.
When you heal your parents' life you are healed too
When you heal your life, your children also get healed
Will make anyone understand that all of us are repeating our lives and our parents' lives only