Eligibility: You, Your Family Members, Friends and Relatives.
MANTRAS Removes Unwanted:
Thoughts, Desires, Time, Expenses,
People, Relationships, Diseases,
Feelings, Emotions, Things, Activities.
Mantras are energy based sounds
Mantras to Enjoy Wealth, Love, Harmony, Job, Marriage, Relationships, Study, etc.,
To increase memory power and concentration, 
To achieve better results in schools
Mantras are one way of directly talking to god and relating the god
 within oneself.
Activates both right and left hemispheres of the brain
You could fix issues related to your money and work.
To heal your relationship, Always you will move forward in life.
There won’t be any setbacks, whether it’s your life or your career.
Confidence will be built.
You can get out of any confusion, you will get clarity.
Can be used to overcome addictions and cravings
 – e.g., watching TV or food etc.,
To attract a good life partner
Mantras are powerfull way to increase the energy processing levels of the chakras, Can change our lives for the better
To attract and maintain abundance:  Good health, Financial wealth, friends, enough food to eat, inner peace, the love of children and family,
Invokes protection from that which is feared
To help burn away negative ego
Development and manifestation of spiritual knowledge, good education, memory, intelligence and musical skill

Mantra energizes prana, Mantras eventualy quiet the mind
When we practice mantra, we directly affect the quality and quantity of our own karma, as well as that of the planet (law of cause and effect)
To make responsible and goal-oriented
To have a work-life balance
To align the human being with the divine being
When one feels unsupported
There is a fear of collapse – especially for those who have debts and credit cards will always develop a fear of getting ruined
For recharging body and recovering energy.
Useful for controlling aggressive behaviour.
For impatience and irritability (to come out of)
Can be used to gain discipline and concentration, both mental and physical.
Useful for meditation – to get divine consciousness and spiritual progress.
To remove all fear. Useful in overcoming obstacles.

Mantras provides immense benefits to all kinds of 
people across all age groups and all walks of life.