By attending this seminar, you able to:
Think differently – New Thoughts, New Ideas, not to get stuck up and move forward in life, accept oneself totally, to reduce anger and to easily relate with others.
To prevent and Cure Diseases and disorders.
Find the house to settle down, collect your dues.
To Balance Tridhoshas - Vatha, Pitha and Khapa.
To Balance Pancha Bhoothas.
Children Education – Concentration, Memory, Good Scores in examinations.
Removing Negative Energy.

Learn the Chakra Power.
For INTENTION FULFILLMENT, cleansing to HEAL RELATIONSHIPS, Healing our chakras for various life problems.

You will learn how:
To release the inner blocks., To change self and others (family) in a positive way, To live with awareness, To make stronger and clear choice. To command your sub-conscious mind.
By learning - You can…
Set your goals and be successful in achieving them, Make powerful decisions that change your lives., Have lasting happiness success peace and Emotional Freedom.
How to receive energy from the universe and in turn increase our energy levels?
How to come out of negatives of your horoscope?
How to sell your house and find money? How to put your ideas in action?
How to develop your confidence level? How to become good leaders?
Mantra combinations to handle black magic, come out of bad company, cure depression and protecting your aura
Mudra and chakra balancing by simple meditations, Mantras for balancing the chakras. Magic for – Relationship – Prosperity – Health.
There are many therapies of healing available. All of them are good in some way. However, they focus on one aspect of our body. For example, Allopathic practices concentrates on physical body only. So that system may have side effects. The one therapy that combines body, mind and Prana is Mudras.